Yearly Fair Use CPU Usage

The yearly plans are not dedicated, but yes you can actually use the cores allotted. These plans are promotional and non-standard to our regular offerings, so this does not apply to our standard VPS and VDS product line-up.

Fair share CPU Usage (if the usage looks like abuse, we will suspend and contact you).

The standard operating procedure for this:
1. If you're a power user, and on a node with a lot of other power users, we'll quietly migrate you around to balance it out if the hypervisor looks a bit too busy for our ability to sleep comfortably at night.
2. If you're using a lot more than your peers, continually, we'll contact you and give you a heads up if it's a problem.
3. If you're non-responsive to that, we'll suspend you until we get a reply.

A safe number: no more than 25% continual load on your cores. At or under that, you'll never hear from us.
Questionable: Somewhere in between 25% and 75% load
An unsafe number: 75%+ load

We won't sugarcoat it: these plans are not meant to compete with our existing premium product stack. It's older hardware, slower drives, less capacity, and will be busier nodes. All things that do not apply to our standard product lineup. Will that matter for anyone who isn't crypto-mining or running a million-dollar e-commerce website? No. But if you're closer to that end of the spectrum definitely look at our VPS and VDS products.

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