• Thursday, December 28, 2023


12/28/2023 ALL DAY:


As part of our ongoing effort to continually upgrade services, there is a scheduled maintenance window with one of our fiber providers to make some physical line card upgrades. Unfortunately, the window given is relatively broad but we hope the actual maintenance is very short.


From Crunchbits NOC:


   We'll be doing maintenance involving all of our upstream providers. There may be some slight disruptions to some customers as we temporarily move routing off of the Seattle IX, Hurricane Electric, and NTT and to our backup circuit which is a Lumen/Zayo blend.

 To prepare for graceful shutdowns and failovers, we'll be shutting the SeattleIX tonight 12/27 in preparation for tomorrows maintenance. NTT and HE will follow as we get closer to confirmation of maintenance starting on our circuits.